e-Learning Plan



● Teachers will be available from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Teachers will still have their allotted prep and lunch time per the master contract.

● Teachers will use Google Classroom, Google Meets, or other approved Eastern Greene online curriculum.

● Teachers should practice with students prior to eLearning days on how to login to Google Classroom and other online resources. Teachers should also provide instructions to parents concerning the above mentioned information.

● Teachers will continue with lessons and curriculum on a daily basis. A long-term closure will not just be review. Lessons should be standards based and build on each other to create new knowledge in order to cover the required standards for that grade level/class.

● As much as possible, teachers should try to use Google Meets to connect with students, teach lessons, and answer questions. Teachers can also record lessons to be posted on Google Classroom for viewing by students.

● Teaching could be done at home, in your classrooms, or a combination of the two. Guidelines for where teaching will take place will be given if/when a closure would happen. Teachers should expect occasional trips to the building for meetings with administrators when necessary. Of course, this would depend on guidance from the state concerning social distancing and any “stay at home orders”.


● Students should be ready for instruction at 8:00 each morning. Students should be prepared to login to Google Classroom daily to view instructions and assignments from teachers. Students should be prepared to work on classwork for 2-3 hours at the elementary level, 3-4 hours at the middle school level, and 4-5 hours at the high school level. These are only estimates and could vary.

● Students must take part in school activities to be counted as “present”. If students have the ability to take part in online activities, they should be logged in and working daily to be counted “present”. If the student does not have access to the internet, paper packets will be provided. All work, including paper packets, will have due dates set by your teacher. While some work may be graded on completion, the bulk of the work will be taken for a grade.

● WiFi internet access is available at the high school and middle school/elementary school parking lots. Students may also check out a device from the school if needed. Parents:

● Parents should have their students ready to login and receive instruction at 8:00 a.m. each morning.

● Parents should keep login instructions, usernames, and passwords in a safe place for review when needed.

● Parents should contact the teacher if they have questions, concerns, or need general help.

● If you need a device for your child, please contact your students’ school. You will fill out a form and insurance information. There will be a fee for the required insurance.

● Parents should check their students' grades often on Harmony to make sure they are staying current on their work. If there are any concerns, please contact your students’ teacher.

● If your student needs paper packets due to a lack of connectivity, your students’ school will set up a schedule for pickup and drop off of these packets. Please remember that these packets will have due dates and will count toward their grade.